Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home

Posted on 30. Oct, 2017 by in Home Care

dripping faucet

Water is one of the resources which are renewable but replenishing. Uneven rainfall, increased usage, droughts and environmental conditions impact the supply of water drastically. Hence, it is our moral responsibility that we do our bit towards water conservation in gratitude of what this environment has nourished us with! Your few contributions and change in habits can add to hundred gallons of water savings every year. Here is how you can start water conservation efforts.

  1. Wash your car in lawn: Washing your car outside in open space will only let water to flow wastefully. If you feel an urge to wash your car then doing so in lawn will also water your plants. Also, try to do it before dawn that is between the time span of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. as during this time water seep deeply into the plant roots and reduces the chance of evaporation.
  2. Turn off the tap while brushing teeth: It’s a common one but the average water that comes out of a faucet is 2.5 gallons per minute and thus while you brushing, you can turn off the tap to save it.
  3. Fix your leaks: The leaks can be in faucets or any other plumbing fixture. No matter the leaks the minor or major, make sure you don’t ignore them. Also, upgrade to high efficiency models which consume less water but don’t cut down on pressure.
  4. Re-use the water used in cooking: You boil pasta, macaroni and rice too and then just dump the excessive water after they are boiled. Don’t dump the water, rather allow it to cool and then you may use it to flush out in washrooms or water your plants. Some of them contain starch too which is good for the growth of few plants.
  5. Re-use grey water: In addition to the above point, you may also re-route the water that runs off from the washing machine. This water can be used to flush out the toilets instead of just going directly into drains.
  6. Install rain water barrel: Taking steps towards rain water harvesting is also a great initiative. You can use that water to water your plants, wash your automotive and have them fill up the flush tanks too.
  7. Reuse your clothes: Don’t wash some of your clothes after one use. You can use your towels for multiple times before you put them in washing machine. You may also wear your jeans for a number of times before you wash. This will not only save water but would also give life to your clothes.

Water conservation will indeed help in saving this precious resource but would also cut down on your utility bills and if you want to invest in water efficient devices then you can also avail some of the rebates offered by local water agencies!

There is a very beautiful adage which you might have heard, ‘We haven’t inherited this planet from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children!’ We have already depleted the earth with so many developments and inventions; water conservation is just a bit which we can do towards environment.