Should You Install Nylon or Polyester Carpet

Posted on 14. Jul, 2017 by in Home Care

polyester carpet

The most common question when it comes to buying and installing new carpet in your home is which type of carpet fiber you should choose. You can choose between natural carpet fibers and synthetic carpet fibers. Natural fibers include wool. Synthetic fibers are more popular.

The two most common synthetic fibers are nylon carpet and polyester carpet. Should you install nylon carpet or polyester carpet in your home?

Polyester carpet is the cheaper of the two fibers. The problem is that cheaper is rarely better. You will start to notice the problem with polyester shortly after it is installed. Here is why …

Polyester carpet is a synthetic fiber and it is manufactured with recycled plastic. The main component of the recycled plastic is used soda bottles or water bottles.

The fact that polyester is recycled is good for the environment but the recycled materials are not good for your home. The reason is because the plastic for the bottles is made with crude oils. This means that the plastic in the carpet by nature will be attracted to oils that reach the surface of your carpet.

There are several oils that interact with your carpet every day. The bottom of your feet are very oily. This is why carpet manufacturers and professional carpet cleaning Sacramento companies recommend you wear socks or slippers in your home instead of bare feet. Your pets are also very oily too and there is a lot of oil in the asphalt of driveways.

This is another reason why you should never wear your shoes on your carpet since shoes will bring in oils, dirt and contaminants from outdoors.

The more oils that interact with polyester carpet the more oils it retains and the surface appears extremely dirty. One of the biggest benefits of carpet is its colorful appearance but this won’t last long with a polyester carpet. You can hire a carpet cleaner in Sacramento to clean polyester but it won’t ever appear clean, even if deeper dirt is removed from the surface. The oil permanently discolors it.

This is why we recommend nylon carpet instead. You should purchase nylon for your home despite the fact that it does cost a little more money than polyester. You should invest in a quality carpet pad too. You should purchase a nylon carpet that is low-cut and low-pile. Do not choose a shag type of carpet. It will feel comfortable at first but it will wear down very fast.

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