Ladder Safety Tips

Posted on 24. Jun, 2017 by in Home Care

ladder safety

There are several problems you can encounter during home repair projects but nothing is worse than suffering an injury. You need to be careful using tools and other materials required for projects on your home.

One of the tools that is the most dangerous is a ladder. There are several ways you can injure yourself on a ladder. Here are a few ladder safety tips to ensure you do not harm yourself during home repair:

It’s Not the Fall. It’s the Landing.

Sometimes the most dangerous time to be on a ladder is if you feel you are safe. You might not be too high on a ladder but if you fall off it and land poorly there could be a serious injury. This type of fall could be fatal too. Never get too comfortable on a ladder. It is important to be safe at all times. With that in mind, here are our tips:

1. Never Climb to the Top

You should never climb to the last step of the ladder or on top of the ladder. You will not be secure and the risk of injury will increase significantly. If you need to climb that high, you need to use a taller ladder or an extension ladder.

2. Never Lean a Ladder Against a Plastic Gutter

There is a good chance the plastic gutter on your home is not stable enough to hold the wait of you and the ladder. You could also damage the gutter by doing this and then you will have another home repair project to worry about. Find something more secure than the gutter to lean your ladder.

3. Avoid Slanted Ground

Place your ladder somewhere where there isn’t a slant or slope in the ground. Utilize the stabling feet on the extension ladder too and if possible place a concrete slab or piece of wood beneath the legs for additional stabilization.

4. Pay Attention

If you need someone to hold the bottom of the ladder to weight it down and prevent it from turning, be sure that person is 100% focused on holding the ladder. Don’t ask a child to do this or someone that you don’t really trust.

5. Pitch is Important

There should be an arrow or symbol on the side of the ladder to ensure it is 100% upright and pitched correctly. You don’t want to push it to for in or too far out as either could cause the ladder to slide off the roof. Pitch is one of the most important ladder safety practices.

6. One Hand

Only use one hand for the project you are working on. Keep the other hand on the ladder at all times. Always keep both feet on the ladder the entire time too. If you are leaning too far out with only one foot on the ladder you are putting yourself at risk of a serious injury.

7. Slow Down

Be patient during any project that requires using a ladder. You may have to climb up and down more than you want to or move the ladder a lot but that is better than suffering a serious and even fatal fall. Patience is always good advice and that is true for using a ladder as well.

We hope these ladder safety tips lead to a safe home repair project for you!