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Must-Own Woodworking Tools

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Those who are planning to start their own woodworking project at home must be in search of most essential tools that they will need to handle different jobs in routine. Last post we covered wrenches. This post we’ll cover woodworking tools.

It is not about buying a wooden work kit rather as a beginner you need to think about a budget-friendly purchase. Here we have listed all must own tools for a woodworking project; they can help beginners by all means.

  1. Circular Saw:

Some of you might follow the common myth that a circular saw is specifically a carpentry tool but the fact is that the woodwork project handlers will not find any other handy tool for their routine work. If you use this tool with a clamp then it can function like a table saw and can provide effective results. Most of the experts recommend using a circular saw for cutting plywood sheets or medium density fiberboard.

  1. Jigsaw:

Beginners will also need this handy tool for cutting the curved or circular patterns from their wood lot. Although, professionals may prefer to use a band saw to handle such jobs but when you are just beginning with a project then a jigsaw can work well for your needs. It ensures complete versatility with orbital action and it is also much easier to change the blade for this saw.

  1. Power Drill:

There is no need to invest on a costly cordless drill because the basic woodworking projects can be easily handled with a corded drill. While buying this versatile power drill, always prefer to go for a 1/2” or 3/8” chuck. Other than this, you may find options for a hammer drill, straight drill, keyless chuck and keyed chuck.

  1. Random Orbital Sander:

Here is one more essential entry to the list in form of random orbital sander. Although, you might have heard that the palm sanders use to be less costly when compared to random orbital sanders, when we talk about functionality then Random Orbital Sanders appear more useful for beginners as their motion can be handled with ease.

  1. Router:

There are two types of routers available in the market; the first one is stationary base whereas the other option is plunge router base. Professionals reveal that the stationary model suits better to most of the woodworkers at the beginning stage of their career. The best idea is to pick a device with electronic variable speed controls and 2-HP rating.

  1. Compound Miter Saw:

If you are planning to purchase a table saw then a compound miter saw will also be essential for you. This product is available in the reasonable price range and it can handle your precise cutting needs very well. But it is important to practice more to complete jobs with higher perfection using this tool.

So, the list is ready! Now you simply need to visit the store and place your order for all essential things. Soon you will be able to work on your own home based woodworking project and your dedication for this work can bring great results soon.

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