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Choosing the Right Wrench

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There are several types of wrenches you can use for DIY and home improvement projects throughout your home. You should familiarize yourself with all of the wrenches available to understand which is the best one for each project.

Here are the types of wrenches you can use in your home:


This is not a precision tool. It is very versatile though. You can set the tool to apply to the necessary grip. This is a must-have tool for all amateur and professional handyman as you never know when you might need to adjust an adjustable wrench for a specific project.


The pipe wrench is a very heavy wrench often used for plumbing projects or HVAC. The teeth on this wrench will mar and scratch the surface of a pipe or plumbing so do not use it on any pipes that will be visible or decorative in your home.


The combination wrench has a thin handle and durable construction that is perfect for several projects. We recommend this type of wrench for auto repair in particular. The downside of a combination wrench is that it must fit the specific size nut and bolt or the wrench will not work. Unlike the adjustable wrench, a combination wrench is not flexible at all.


This type of wrench is used for similar projects and purposes as a combination wrench but it is nice because you can place the wrench on the bolt and continue to turn with torque until the bolt is tight or loosened. You don’t need to reset the wrench over and over again. A beginner handyman should start with a ratchet and socket set instead of combination wrenches.


This is a precise tool. You must set the exact amount of torque with this tool. The owners manual of your lawn mower or car will provide instruction on the level of necessary torque for the nuts and bolts. This tool is perfect for auto repair.

These are some of the most common types of wrenches used in home repair. You want to have an adjustable wrench and either a combination wrench set or ratchet and socket set at a minimum. The other wrenches we listed are for more specialty needs.

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